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  • Nissan Qashqai Vent Actuator Control sensor
    Ksh.3,000.00 New

    Item Code: R3BJE-240330

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Heater blower and vent actuator motor sensor for Nissan Qashqai. Control position for Heater Flaps for AC. Original item with dent and broken piece.
  • Toyota Fielder 161 Angle Sensor
    Ksh.4,500.00 New

    Item Code: SHCS3-240330

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Fielder 161 and 165 Angle sensor and Spiral complete. Used Like New.
  • Tuner and TV Display Computer For Harrier
    Ksh.10,000.00 New

    Item Code: 6PHDV-240316

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Toyota Harrier 2AZ-FE ACU30W 2005 MCU35 1MZ-FE Lexus Harrier MHU38W
  • Subaru Forester Front airbag - Knee Level
    Ksh.20,000.00 New

    Item Code: BSPPP-240316

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Knee Airbag for the driver - Subaru Forester 2016. Used part.
  • Subaru Impreza Hazard Dom Unit
    Ksh.6,000.00 New

    Item Code: 57HD3-240316

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Racing parts, Integrated Hazard DOM Control Unit for Subaru Impreza GG, GD 2002-2007. JDM Subaru OEM 2002-2007 Hazard DOM AT Control Module for WRX STI.
  • Subaru Forester SH5 Transmission Computer
    Ksh.8,500.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: RNAGQ-240316

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Used automatic transmission control unit for SUBARU FORESTER SH5 EJ20. Part Number 31711AL991. Other Part numbers" 30919AA840, 112400-9082
  • Power steering Computer Honda Vezel
    Ksh.6,500.00 New

    Item Code: L3APD-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Power Steering Computer for Honda Vezel 2014
  • Honda Vezel Accessories Computer
    Ksh.5,500.00 New

    Item Code: UVC9B-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Honda Fit and Honda Vezel Accessories control computer. Replacement for model 2014 and 2015
  • Honda fit Computer
    Ksh.5,500.00 New

    Item Code: A32G8-240313

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Power Steering computer for Honda Fit 2014-2016
  • Power Steering Computer - Axio 161
    Ksh.5,500.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: MDKEA-240313

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Power Steering Computer TOYOTA Corolla Axio 2014.
  • Engine Top Cover Plastic
    Ksh.4,500.00 New

    Item Code: NP371-240313

    Availability: In Stock (8pcs)

    Engine top cover plastic for Fielder NZE
  • Nissan Note E12 Airbag
    Ksh.8,500.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: E4RNV-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Airbag only for the steering wheel for Nissan Note from 2012-2016. Airbag with the steering wheel available at 15000
  • Suzuki Swift Driver Air Bag
    Ksh.8,500.00 New

    Item Code: F69MH-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Suzuki Swift Airbag for the driver.
  • Honda CRV RE4 Air Bag
    Ksh.10,000.00 New

    Item Code: 6KATM-240313

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Driver Airbag for the steering wheel for Honda CRV RE4/RE5 2014-2017
  • Nissan Extrail T32 Console Stereo
    Ksh.20,000.00 New

    Item Code: J1N21-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Nissan Xtrail NT32 stereo and Phase complete.
  • Toyota Noah/ Voxy Throttle body
    Ksh.5,500.00 New

    Item Code: VRMLG-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Used Throttle Body for Toyota Noah AZR60G 2004-2007 Toyota Avensis 2003- 2007 1AZ-FSE Engine Toyota Premio ZT240 2001-2007 RAV 4 J/L AC21W 2000-2005 Toyota Isis ANM10W 2004-2009 Toyota Caldina AZT246W 2005-2007
  • Fielder 165 seat belt
    Ksh.9,000.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: 5PBV2-240312

    Availability: In Stock (5pcs)

    Toyota Fielder 165 seat belt. Each seat belt @ 9000 kes.
  • Roof Bar Kit for Prado 120
    Ksh.10,000.00 New

    Item Code: JRQS1-240312

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Roof Bar Kit for Prado 120 series
  • Prado 150 to Prado 165 upgrade
    Ksh.245,000.00 New

    Item Code: U6CQH-240312

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Upgrade Kit for Prado 150 series to Prado 165 2018 model. Full kit accessories available.
  • Land Cruiser 200 to Lc300
    Ksh.260,000.00 New

    Item Code: 625BA-240312

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Body Upgrade Kit for Land Cruiser Lc200 2016-2018 to LC 300 2023 model.
  • Prado 150 side step Kit
    Ksh.10,500.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: P4C5J-240312

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Side step kit for Prado 150 series. Different trips and colors available.