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  • Honda Insight Genuine Plugs
    Ksh.5,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: KU5A5-210315

    Availability: In Stock (8pcs)

    Fits Honda Insight 2010 and 2011 Model
  • Honda RD4 Stabilizer Link
    Ksh.1,800.00 New

    Item Code: DD9KC-200217

    Availability: In Stock (10pcs)

    Honda RD4 Stabilizer Link from 1999 to 2005.
  • CRV RE-4 Rear Stabilizer Link
    Ksh.3,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: QDM85-191202

    Availability: In Stock (8pcs)

    Rear Stabilizer Link RBI This part fits CRV RE-4
  • Front Honda CRV RE-4 Stabilizer Links
    Ksh.4,700.00 Best Selling

    Item Code: FNQHR-191202

    Availability: In Stock (15pcs)

    Fits Honda CRV 2006-2008.
  • Honda Insight NKG spark plugs
    Ksh.9,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: 6AG14-190109

    Availability: In Stock (12pcs)

    Applicable to INSIGHT models of 2010- 2018
  • Honda Accord Spark Plugs
    Ksh.5,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: 3ENP6-190109

    Availability: In Stock (5pcs)

    This part fits Honda Accord 2008-2018
  • Genuine Honda CRV Spark Plugs
    Ksh.5,500.00 Featured

    Item Code: CFPJ7-190109

    Availability: In Stock (0pcs)

    Denso Part No: Skj20Dr-M11. Fits 2WD CR-V, and @dr S Accord and Civic 2004 to 2007
  • Honda CRV Spark Plugs
    Ksh.5,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: S5T5K-190109

    Availability: In Stock (8 Piecespcs)

    NKG part number: ZFR6F-11. Also fits Accord, Civic, Prelude between 1995-2000