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  • Prado 150 Bumper
    Ksh.70,000.00 New

    Item Code: STBVF-240514

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

  • Axio 161 nosecut
    Ksh.120,000.00 New

    Item Code: R89HK-240514

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Axio nosecut complete , radiator, grill, headlight and bumper and frame
  • Toyota NZE Bonnet
    Ksh.14,000.00 New

    Item Code: MUVUN-240514

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Repaint applied to the original part
  • Harrier 240 Nosecut
    Ksh.190,000.00 New

    Item Code: TBUQU-240514

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Harrier 240 from 2004-2010
  • Fielder 141 Bonnet
    Ksh.22,000.00 New

    Item Code: 4RVMV-240514

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Front Bonnet for the Toyota Fielder, Axio
  • Toyota Wish 2011 Front Bumper
    Ksh.27,000.00 New

    Item Code: TVPSE-240511

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Toyota Wish 2011 clean bumper. ex-Japan quality
  • Drive Shaft Boot Kit
    Ksh.3,600.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: TBNU1-240511

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Honda Fit drive shaft boot. Inner part and outer part, front wheel left and right side complete set . RBI, GSP, FEBEST, Frontis Brand available.
  • Toyota Fielder/ Axio Front Wing
    Ksh.17,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: MRPMH-240504

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Toyota Fielder / Axio Front Wing with Hybrid logo. Left and Right side available
  • Nissan Note Front Grill
    Ksh.12,000.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: ENHE7-240504

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Quality is very good just like new.
  • Fielder 165 Front Bumper Sport
    Ksh.68,000.00 Trending

    Item Code: J6FEQ-231230

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fielder 165 Front Bumper with Fog light. Sport design trim
  • Door Sensor unit -Key Less entry
    Ksh.3,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: K2AP1-231202

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Door entry Sensor for Keyless entry. Subaru Legacy and Impreza
  • Golf Wing Mirror
    Ksh.5,500.00 Featured

    Item Code: RKS52-231202

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Both side available. No winkers
  • VW Passat Right Side Mirror
    Ksh.4,500.00 Flash Sale

    Item Code: 7V2P7-231202

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Left hand and Right hand Side available
  • VW Golf MK5 Side Mirror
    Ksh.7,500.00 Top Ad

    Item Code: KFAJN-231202

    Availability: In Stock (3pcs)

    Right Side Mirror for Vw Golf 2004-2008 MK5 series
  • Premio 260 bumper slide
    Ksh.1,800.00 Featured

    Item Code: EBH55-231109

    Availability: In Stock (3pcs)

    Bumper slide for Premio 265. Ex-Japan Quality. Left and Right slide available.
  • Toyota Premio Front grill
    Ksh.14,000.00 New

    Item Code: FPB8F-230930

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Premio 260 front grill. Used as New
  • Toyota Isis Front Grill 2010
    Ksh.8,500.00 Trending

    Item Code: KAANM-230903

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Isis 2009 - 2013 Front Grill. Silver finish.
  • Toyota Mark X 2008 rear bumper
    Ksh.14,500.00 Featured

    Item Code: MBRQ8-230701

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Mark X 2006-2009
  • Subaru BR9 Rear Bumper modified
    Ksh.24,000.00 New

    Item Code: 668UP-230701

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Rear Bumper for Subaru Legacy 2010-2012
  • Toyota Wish 2010 Boot
    Ksh.18,000.00 Best Selling

    Item Code: ANQAQ-230701

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Toyota Wish 2009-2013, 1.8S 2zr
  • Toyota Wish 2009 rear bumper
    Ksh.16,000.00 New

    Item Code: G1TDF-230701

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Wish 1.8S Rear bumper.
  • Toyota Corrola NZE Ignition Switch
    Ksh.1,500.00 New

    Item Code: VVST3-200710

    Availability: In Stock (15pcs)

    Ignition Switch for NZE, Fielder, Premio, Allion, Caldina, Isis Ex Japan. Complete and comes with the Key.
  • Nissan Xtrail NT31 Front Door Motor Complete
    Ksh.5,500.00 Trending

    Item Code: JCFTB-200710

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Nissan Xtrail 2005 and 2010 Front Door Motor Complete (NT 30, NT 31) Driver side and Passenger Side Also rear door motors available Ex Japan in good condition
  • Mazda CX-5 RACK END
    Ksh.2,600.00 Featured

    Item Code: DS39K-200307

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Mazda CX-5 Models from 2011 - 2017. Applicable models: KE2#, KE5# ABK#AEKS01. Fitting Left.
  • Steering rack boot NZE
    Ksh.800.00 New

    Item Code: 6MS8N-200307

    Availability: In Stock (20pcs)

    Drive shaft rubber boot: Protection from dust and water. Fits Corolla NZE ZZE12# Models from 2001- 2008 Fielder NZE124G, ZZE123G models from 2000- 2006, RUNX, CeLICA Toyota Vista ZZV50G from 1998- 2003
  • Toyota Axio / Fielder NZE Side Mirror
    Ksh.15,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: MM9SU-200222

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Toyota Corolla Axio/ Fielder 2012- 2015 Side Mirror. Both With indicator and without. Ex-Japan Available left and right
  • VW passat B7 Bumper Vent Cover
    Ksh.8,000.00 New

    Item Code: 7NM2S-200111

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Fits VW Passat Models 2012- 2014. Ex-UK parts.
  • Madza Premacy 2009 Steering Wheel
    Ksh.15,000.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: CQQES-191013

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Applicable to Premacy 2007-2010. Engine model: DBA-CWEFW
  • Premio T261 Nose Cut
    Ksh.300,000.00 New

    Item Code: PBDD9-190526

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Complete Nose Cut for Toyota Premio with all accessories. Original paint and scratch free Readily Available including delivery within Nairobi
  • Premio T261 Rear Cut
    -25% OFF
    Premio T261 Rear Cut
    Ksh.240,000.00 Ksh.265,000 -25%

    Item Code: JL242-190526

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Complete Rear Cut for Toyota Premio T261. Scratch free. Original paint and intact condition. Price inclusive of delivery
  • Nissan T31 Ignition Swtich
    Ksh.7,500.00 New

    Item Code: BE9KV-190526

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Used NISSAN X-TRAIL Ignition Lock and Switch. Cosmetic wear but good condition and functions well Quick Sale
  • Toyota Car horns
    Ksh.3,000.00 Best Selling

    Item Code: 6CRNH-190526

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Standard Horn system component. Direct Replacement Fits all car model especially Japan cars
  • Toyota Corolla Fielder front Bumper
    -10%% OFF
    Toyota Corolla Fielder front Bumper
    Ksh.22,000.00 Ksh.2,400 -10%%

    Item Code: J789R-190415

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)