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  • Subaru Forester SH5 Transmission Computer
    Ksh.8,500.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: RNAGQ-240316

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Used automatic transmission control unit for SUBARU FORESTER SH5 EJ20. Part Number 31711AL991. Other Part numbers" 30919AA840, 112400-9082
  • Toyota Noah/ Voxy Throttle body
    Ksh.5,500.00 New

    Item Code: VRMLG-240313

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Used Throttle Body for Toyota Noah AZR60G 2004-2007 Toyota Avensis 2003- 2007 1AZ-FSE Engine Toyota Premio ZT240 2001-2007 RAV 4 J/L AC21W 2000-2005 Toyota Isis ANM10W 2004-2009 Toyota Caldina AZT246W 2005-2007
  • Honda Fit CVTF OIL 1L
    -10% OFF
    Honda Fit CVTF OIL 1L
    Ksh.2,600.00 Ksh.2,800 -10%

    Item Code: 1D8VK-240111

    Availability: In Stock (15pcs)

    GearBox OIL for Honda Fit automatic transmission (CVT)
  • Nissan Nv200 Vanette ECU
    Ksh.5,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: A1V69-231222

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    ECU Computer for Nissan Vanette from 2012 to 2016 Model. Nissan Note HR16DE, Misubishi Delica (DBF-BVM20) From 2013.
  • Power Management Module Aqua
    Ksh.8,500.00 Top Ad

    Item Code: G6ULE-231222

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Engine Control Unit For Temperature Management Toyota Aqua. Hybrid Vehicle.
  • Nissan Note Transmission Computer
    Ksh.6,000.00 Hot Deal

    Item Code: 3DP8J-231222

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Transmission Computer Unit for Nissan Note E11. Tampered Socket clipping area but functional
  • Toyota Crown Control Unit
    Ksh.4,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: GRQ1J-231222

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Toyota Crown GRS204 from 2008- 2010.
  • Toyota Noah ECU Computer
    Ksh.6,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: 1VUFV-231221

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Second Generation Noah R70 Computer. Power Steering Control.
  • Alternator for Nissan VQ25 Engine
    Ksh.8,500.00 Trending

    Item Code: 65JTL-231202

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Alternator for Skyline and Nissan Fuga VQHR engine.
  • Prado 95 Fuel Pump Strainer/ Sieve
    Ksh.1,800.00 New

    Item Code: LT9SJ-231202

    Availability: In Stock (5pcs)

    Used to filter dirty particles in the fuel pump
  • Honda Fit ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,200.00 Featured

    Item Code: U7BEU-231202

    Availability: In Stock (3pcs)

    Fits Car model: Honda Fit and Honda Civic from 2015 to 2020.
  • High Performance Ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,500.00 Hot Deal

    Item Code: 3US89-231202

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Engine model 1NR. High Performance Coil. Used like new.
  • Mazda Axela 2013 Ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,200.00 Trending

    Item Code: DBL5B-231202

    Availability: In Stock (3pcs)

    Ignition Coil for Mazda 3, Mazda 6, CX-3, CX-5. Buy three coils at 5500 KES.
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,400.00 Flash Sale

    Item Code: F124D-231202

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Original part number : 33400-51K20. The price indicated is for one Piece.
  • Subaru Forester Throttle body
    Ksh.8,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: 987PS-231129

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Subaru Forester 2015 Throttle body (FB20 engine) Applicable to Subaru Impreza G4.
  • Nissan Y50 V-Belt
    Ksh.2,000.00 New

    Item Code: KHEQF-231128

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    AC pump belt for Nissan Fuga, Skyline
  • Serpentine Belt for Nissan Skyline
    Ksh.2,800.00 Trending

    Item Code: MUBSU-231128

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Nissan Skyline and Nissan Fuga Alternator/ Fan belt. Genuine part.
  • Acceleration Sensor for Toyota Vitz
    Ksh.2,500.00 Hot Deal

    Item Code: R32QL-231109

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Fits Toyota Vitz, Mark II, Rav IV J upto 2007 Fits Lexus IS and GS upto 2009
  • Nissan X-trail T32 ECU computer
    Ksh.8,500.00 Featured

    Item Code: LU2KR-231109

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Nissan Xtrail T32 2.0 and 2.5 l (2013- 2018) This model fits Nissan Note E12 1.2 X DIG-S (2013-2018) Nissan Juke F15, 1.5 and 1.6 l (2010 to 2018)
  • Subaru Forester SJ5 Computer
    Ksh.8,000.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: CJE8D-231109

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Subaru SJ5 Computer. Supports idling stop, electronic control
  • Transmission module Impreza GH2
    Ksh.10,000.00 New

    Item Code: A2GDM-231109

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Compatible with Part numbers: 30919AA600,112400-9630, 31711-AL372 Transmission computer Applicable to Impreza from 2009. Engine: EL154
  • Cylinder Head Impreza EJ15 Engine
    Ksh.15,000.00 Flash Sale

    Item Code: PE87P-230903

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Fits Subaru Impreza GC# and CF$ Series. EJ15 Engine.
  • CX-5 Skyactiv Diesel Coolant Bypass Pipe
    -30% OFF
    CX-5 Skyactiv Diesel Coolant Bypass Pipe
    Ksh.6,000.00 Ksh.8,000 -30%

    Item Code: 5LALU-230701

    Availability: In Stock (10pcs)

    Mazda CX-5, Diesel, 2012 to 2017 Mazda3, BM, 2013 to 2016
  • Subaru Forester Ignition Coil
    -10% OFF
    Subaru Forester Ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,500.00 Ksh.3,000 -10%

    Item Code: L8495-230622

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    OEM STI Ignition Coil for Subaru SH, Impreza and Legacy BR. Year 2008-2010
  • Mazda Demio Fuel pump
    Ksh.6,200.00 Best Selling

    Item Code: 56BAL-230621

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Mazda Demio and Mazda Verisa from 2005
  • Fuel Pump (used) from Japan Honda Fit
    Ksh.5,000.00 New

    Item Code: LB5R3-230621

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Used Fuel Pump for Honda Fit, City and Airwave. Quality of the photo may be different.
  • Toyota Ractis Ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,300.00 New

    Item Code: 4TJK1-230621

    Availability: In Stock (3pcs)

    Ignition coil for Toyota Ractis, Vitz and Auris : Engine model 1NZ
  • Toyota Allion Ignition coil
    Ksh.2,500.00 Top Ad

    Item Code: EU2LD-230621

    Availability: In Stock (4pcs)

    Each coil for 2500. Fits Noah 3zR, Allion 2zR and Wish
  • Mazda 6 and Premacy ATF Genuine Oil
    Ksh.2,800.00 New

    Item Code: 28JMM-200829

    Availability: In Stock (5pcs)

    Automatic Transmission oil for Sky Active Mazda model
    Ksh.9,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: 8E86M-200224

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

  • Nissan Xtrail Throttle Body and Sensor
    Ksh.5,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: SQQPU-200222

    Availability: In Stock (10pcs)

    Electronic Thottle Body Complete including sensor for Nissan NT31, NT30 and Daulis/ Qashqai Hitachi Ex-Japan. Functioning properly
  • Audi and VW Transmission Oil
    Ksh.3,000.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: RH1ET-200217

    Availability: In Stock (30pcs)

    Transmission oil for gearbox for VW and Audi. Genuine OEM supplier. Size, 1L per container
  • Toyota Caldina Oxygen Sensor
    Ksh.4,000.00 Best Selling

    Item Code: LDG45-191202

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Fits Caldina 2000-2002 AT211G. Condition Ex-Japan, downstream oxygen sensor (O2)
  • Toyota Rav 4 Engine Moutain, Rear
    Ksh.6,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: U3QVD-191202

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Rear Engine Mountain for Toyota Rav 4. From 2004- 2007. Model ACA 30, 31
  • BMW X3 Thermostat Sensor
    Ksh.8,000.00 Hot Deal

    Item Code: PCQN7-191202

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    Thermostat sensor and housing. Fits BMW X3 from 2005
  • Shock Mountain for Mazda Demio
    Ksh.3,000.00 Flash Sale

    Item Code: T4RFC-190826

    Availability: In Stock (10pcs)

    Compartible part numbers: D65134380B Fit Mazda demio 2007 -2014 Mazda 2 2010- 2014
  • Premacy ABS Sensor
    Ksh.2,500.00 Trending

    Item Code: CRB85-190819

    Availability: In Stock (6pcs)

    Ex-Japan Abs Sensor for Mazda Premacy and Mazda 3 from year 2001 -2007.
  • Toyota Axio Engine Mountain
    Ksh.3,500.00 Special Offer

    Item Code: JCBBC-190819

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Ex-Japan Available and fits Toyota Axio, Fielder 2006 - 2008.
  • Toyota Allion Ignition Coil
    Ksh.2,400.00 New

    Item Code: LK3HL-190526

    Availability: In Stock (20pcs)

    Ignition coil for Toyota Allion and Premio T260 from 2007 Model. Direct replacement Works perfectly.
  • Nissan Xtrail ABS Sensor
    Ksh.3,000.00 Featured

    Item Code: HB756-190526

    Availability: In Stock (2pcs)

    Sensor for wheel speed. Fitting front Axle left, right.
  • Nissan B15 Distributor
    Ksh.5,000.00 New Arrival

    Item Code: 46U1Q-190526

    Availability: In Stock (1pcs)

    This is a Ignition distributor component for Nissan B15. Good condition and working as tested. Limited Stock.